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Cleveland, Ohio Photographer, Lindsay Wilson Family photography is for everyone. Have kids with special needs? You deserve a professional photography session too. Here’s a peek into my story; I’m a mom to three incredible kids, one of which is autistic and mostly non-verbal. Part of the reason I became a photographer is actually because of […]

Preparing and Photographing Children with Special Needs

still photographing around our move & general family craziness!

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I was absently scrolling my Facebook feed on Friday night, just winding down from a long day with intense kids, and a post from a local-to-me grower/florist caught my eye. She was advertising her bouquets for Saturday morning on a Cleveland mom’s group I’m in, and when I saw her location (only 8 minutes from […]

Shop Small, Local Florist, Flower Photography, Cleveland Ohio – If you want to see beautiful flowers, scroll down :)

Hey friends! I am so excited to share that recently, one of my photos got published in the Creative Collective Magazine! It was for their “Faceless” series, (to be considered, none of the photos could show the subjects face) and funnily enough, Ryder’s feet sparked their interest! haha Here’s the photo that grabbed their attention: […]

My photo got published!

Just have to gush about my little dude for a minute. You might have seen one of these images already if you follow me on social media – but they are too cute not to share! Ryder loves helping me with my plants. He also loves sink baths. So he and the plants all got […]

Sink Baths!

This past weekend we finally got to celebrate Teale and the birth of her baby boy Wesley! You might have seen little Wesley here, I did their newborn photos for them a couple weeks after he was released from the hospital. He gave his parents quite the shock when he decided to arrive 6 weeks […]

Baby Shower Photography, Cleveland Ohio – Teale’s Belated Baby Shower