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Sink Baths!

Just have to gush about my little dude for a minute. You might have seen one of these images already if you follow me on social media – but they are too cute not to share! Ryder loves helping me with my plants. He also loves sink baths. So he and the plants all got baths yesterday haha! I love having houseplants all around my house. We live in northeast Ohio so it’s rather dreary here most of the year. The vibrant colors and soothing greens that my houseplants bring to our space is like a breath of fresh air – which they are also helping to provide. I love so much that Ryder is such a little helper. The fact that he also like to run around naked makes it extra fun!

such a smiley guy!
cutest little naked gardener ever!

So, I can take photos like this of your kids too! Get in touch if that sounds fun – you can take a look at my website here – and if you’d like to follow me on IG, that’s right here. <3





Sink Baths!

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