I am so excited that you are interested in choosing me to document your family! I believe in real moments and chasing sunsets. In the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. 

I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come. 

I began professionally capturing images at the age of 23. My husband was stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, MO following his return from deployment overseas, and I began documenting the unit he was the XO of: Army basic trainees during their 6 week training. After photographing live munitions trainings while wearing body armor, making the jump to families and newborns didn't seem too difficult! I  strive to create beautiful and emotional images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of both the people in the images and the world around them. I'm focused on capturing your organic family narrative, and creating tangible memories that you will be able to hold in your hands for life. I can't wait to work with you!


After photographing many portrait sessions over the past few years, I've found that the simplest way to begin our relationship and prevent misunderstanding is with a quick phone call. That’s why this process begins with a conversation. I want to hear everything—how you met your SO, funny stories, and all about your sweet family.

We’ll get to know one another, talk about the details of your future session, answer any questions you might have about working with me and figure out if we’re the best fit for each other. Don't hesitate to reach out at any point during this process!

1. Let's Connect

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THE Portrait PROCESS ++ Capturing beautiful memories

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Once your date is reserved, I'll connect to start chatting about possible locations for your session. I generally recommend choosing one location and if it's a place you haven't been before, it might be helpful for you to visit beforehand, during the time our session would take place, so you can get a feel for it.

Also, remember that your home is a perfectly wonderful place to plan for our session as well!

Preparing in this way, you will have an idea of the light, possible crowds, closing time, etc! If you're not sure about where you would like to take your photos but you have a general idea of the look you would like, just let me know because I would be happy to recommend a few locations based on your needs!

2. Location

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If picking out outfits for photos takes you back to your high school days when you literally tried on everything in your closet and piled it on your bed but still felt like you had nothing to wear, you're in luck. 

I use an online service called Style & Select that can solve all your clothing woes. You will be given access to this service upon booking, and use it to find and buy clothing for your session, if you so choose. It takes out all the stress and takes out all the guesswork!

3. Wardrobe Styling

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On the day of your session, we'll connect to make sure the weather still looks like it's going to corporate. We'll exchange numbers and finalize our meeting location. Please plan for your session to take about two hours from start to finish. 

For helpful suggestions and reminders for how to prepare your kiddos, please follow the link below:

4. The Session

Preparing Your Little Ones

get excited!!

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Here's how I will deliver your images:

I'll send you a heads-up email & text, letting you know that your gallery is finished and that your personalized slideshow is ready to view, along with viewing and downloading your finished gallery. While your images are included in your All-Inclusive Collection, you may also choose to purchase your slideshow as well!

You will have instant access to download your digital images, and to shop in the print store to use your print credit. Your gallery will be open for 1 month, leaving plenty of time to use your print credit and place your print order.


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We are proud to offer our clients a variety of ways to turn their images into keepsakes. Wall-mounted canvas prints to decorate your home, beautiful handmade albums and more. 

And we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products so you never have to worry about the quality of your investments fading over time! What a special way to remember this season you’re in!


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Session fEE


This amount - $50 - is due upon booking your session date. Your session fee includes pre-­session style consultation by phone or zoom, and access to online client wardrobe service Style & Select. The fee also includes the actual session, that would take place either in your home or outdoor location. This amount is due upon booking to reserve your date, and is non-refundable.

Your session collection is purchased separately from your session fee.


Session Fees


All Inclusive


Ten (10) digital images of your choice within a full online gallery.

Petite or Full Collections


Prices shown for individual families up to 7 members.
These amounts can be split into installment payments. Otherwise, it is due the week before the session takes place. Photos will not be released without payment.

Petite Session­

All digital images within an online gallery.
(50 images or more)

Full Session­


reserve your date

Because I couldn't hope to design a collection that would fit every single family's individual needs, I decided to make my collections flexible. From canvases, framed prints, keepsake boxes, albums - You've got a ton of options when it's time to print! It's all your choice.

**Ohio state sales tax will be added to physical items purchased.

***Travel fees may apply to locations outside of 35 miles and would be included in the session fee. Ask for details.


a la carte

Perfect for those who value legacy. These heirloom albums are a great way to house a large number of images in a beautiful way. Leave them on display as coffee table books or protect them with a legacy box. 


Our framed and matted prints are the perfect way to fill your walls with memories. With a variety of frames to choose from, we’ll help you select the perfect image pairings for your space. 

Prints & Wall Art

Easy to hang and easy to change out. Canvases are one of our favorite ways to decorate a space. They also work great on little easels placed around the home. 


I'm a big believer that images aren’t meant to solely exist in a digital space. One day, most likely, Instagram and other social media sites will be gone, your phone will be replaced and images that you can physically hold in your hand will be the best way to remember those precious moments we captured. 

Think about this fact: 30 years ago, if I had delivered you digital images, they would have been on a floppy disk. With the fast updates to technology, you would have no way to access those images today. Even the online galleries I deliver will eventually fade away, to be replaced with something else.

But prints? Those last. I bet your family still has images from your grandparents (maybe even great grandparents.) And that was likely from a time period when cameras were expensive and prints were harder to come by. I still remember when my own dad would take his film to be developed, and how we would all gather at our dining table and pass the prints around when he finally got them back. You are investing in tangible memories of your family. Something that you will actually still be able to hold in your hands in 25 more years, and reminisce over with your loved ones. The value in that is incalculable. 

bring your images to life with prints

Fine art prints

Yes, you are welcome to print the images on your own. If you do this, I recommend making sure that the printer does not color correct the images (many automatically do this.) I also recommend looking for a high quality printer. While 10 cent prints sound great in theory, the cheaper printing quality often won’t do your images justice. Paper quality, color correction and a handful of other factors play a big role in the way your prints turn out. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE offering prints to my clients, and there are options within the print shop of the final gallery that suits many different needs.


Can I print the images on my own?


While I don’t guarantee an exact number of images, I will make sure to capture your family thoroughly. Most families should expect to have at least 50 edited images in their final gallery following their session.


How many images will I receive?


I guarantee that your images will remain in an online gallery for at least one month. While your galleries may stay up longer than that, I cannot guarantee it. Once your galleries have been delivered, I highly recommend downloading your high resolution images to several devices. Consider investing in a portable, waterproof external hard drive.


How long will I have access to the images?


While turnaround times can vary by season, I aim to deliver all images within 3-5 weeks of your session.


When will I receive my images?





You are absolutely welcome to share images on social media! To ensure that my work is properly represented, I ask that you refrain from any edits, such as applying social media filters. I also appreciate image credits and tags as those do help me to continue to grow as a business. 


Can I share the images on social media? 


By default, the creators of images always own the rights to the images. However, I always give a release to use, print and share your images once you download them from your gallery. The only thing you won’t be able to do is sell your image. I won’t do this either without your written permission. 


Do I own the rights to the images?


I typically plan about 60-90 minutes for sessions. While we likely don’t need to be shooting this entire time, this does give me the flexibility for possible location changes, rowdy kids and time to warm up. 


How long should we plan for the session to take?


I do light retouching on all of your images. This means that if there are any glaring objects that should be removed (such as a bump from the tumble your toddler took that morning,) I’ll remove it.

I do not modify body shape, change hair or eye color, or do any major editing that would require adding billable hours to your invoice.


Will you retouch our images? 


Thank you so much for considering me to document your family! If you’re interested in working with me, the next step is to set up a time to chat! You can reach me directly at hello@lindsaywilsonphoto.com 

thank you!