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Baby Shower Photography, Cleveland Ohio – Teale’s Belated Baby Shower

This past weekend we finally got to celebrate Teale and the birth of her baby boy Wesley! You might have seen little Wesley here, I did their newborn photos for them a couple weeks after he was released from the hospital. He gave his parents quite the shock when he decided to arrive 6 weeks early! Due to his early arrival, her original baby shower was rescheduled. I am so happy it came together and it was so wonderful to see these wonderful ladies!

The 6 of us got together at a place called 24 Karrot Kitchen in Brecksville, and if you haven’t eaten there I highly recommend it! The owner is sweet, friendly, and super accommodating, as some of our friends have restrictive diets. All the food was incredible, and she also opened on a Sunday for us, so this tiny event was as safe as we could make it.

our small gathering! I loved the scattering of orchids & houseplants all over, of course!
these beautiful friends <3
this focaccia was entirely gluten, dairy & egg free! the butter too!
amazing, super fresh salad dolloped with hummus
I forgot to take a “before” picture, I just dived into this mostly-allergen free pad Thai! and you can see that the focaccia has vanished lol!
absolutely amazing carrot cake, allergen free!
Teale’s cute little slice!
proud mama!
heart so full.

Happy baby shower, Teale! It was so fun & I hope you felt the love!





Baby Shower Photography, Cleveland Ohio – Teale’s Belated Baby Shower

  1. Teale says:

    Love these photos Lindsay! It was a wonderful time and I loved seeing everyone again after such a long time apart due to Covid. And just to echo you, the food was so great!

  2. Juli says:

    what wonderful pictures! thank you for doing this. so nice to see all your faces

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