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My photo got published!

Hey friends!

I am so excited to share that recently, one of my photos got published in the Creative Collective Magazine! It was for their “Faceless” series, (to be considered, none of the photos could show the subjects face) and funnily enough, Ryder’s feet sparked their interest! haha

Here’s the photo that grabbed their attention:

floury baby feets!

This series of photos was taken during a disastrous attempt to bake banana bread with my three monsters. It was a hilarious morning and there was flour, bananas, and eggs everywhere! I’m actually still trying to get a bit of banana bread batter out of a seam of my camera body (lol!). I have a lot of faceless photos from this little session I did with my kids, and I submitted the one above. I definitely did not expect to get selected, as my baby’s feet were mixed in with some SERIOUSLY amazing, and beautiful, work. But the selection team emailed me, and wanted to include my photo! I was able to submit two photos after being selected, so I included this one as well:

it was so organized and pretty for about 30 seconds lol

The one above is the one they ended up publishing!

So this has been a little bit exciting for little ol’ me. I’m thankful that some of my personal work caught some attention, and I’m really looking forward to growing as a photographer and artist. Working hard on it every day!

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My photo got published!

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