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Family Photography with a toddler! Cleveland, Ohio – Photographer, Lindsay Wilson

Planning a photography session with a toddler can seem daunting at first, but honestly – these young ones usually roll with it and enjoy the fun! One of the biggest challenges we face when we are planning a session with little ones is the weather (wind, rain, cold are all no-gos usually for really young toddlers!) and the timing – no one wants to do a photo session when it’s supposed to be nap time. Fortunately, I take all of these factors into consideration when we’re in the planning stage. Your little one’s comfort and security during the session are the most important things, and we will plan accordingly!

For this session in particular, I made sure to bring a comfy, soft blanket to sit on. I haven’t yet met a little toddler that enjoys sitting on the rough ground for long periods of time. I also brought a travel bubble machine, small, battery operated, and mighty! There were so many bubbles, and having it helped take some of the pressure off from being around a new person with a clicky camera. Scroll on through to see some of the magic we captured that day!

There is literally nothing better than seeing newfound wonder bloom on a little one’s face. So much of this sweet little family session was centered around this adorable little girl, and it’s easy to see why! Her parents, Becca and Jake, are so attentive and loving, so her and each other.

We had such a good time during our session. Plenty of bubbles, cuddles, and a dip and splash in the Rocky River! It was such a hot and humid day too – so it was a welcome reprieve.

Not long after these bubble and cuddles photos, this little girl finally succumbed to the heat and humidity and we decided to move over to the shallow bank of the Rocky River to take a dip. It was so refreshing and much needed – those little precious smiles returned quickly!

I am always willing to do what will make the little ones happy and comfortable! Each of my sessions are kid and baby led, with special thought and consideration personalized to each family. There’s really no other way to work, honestly! Because if the kiddos aren’t happy, no one is happy.

I loved working with this delightful little family. Please do get in touch if you think a session like this would be fun for your family too!



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Family Photography with a toddler! Cleveland, Ohio – Photographer, Lindsay Wilson

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