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Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Cleveland, Ohio – Hello, Carlo!

Okay, brace yourselves – absolutely ADORABLE baby boy ahead!

Little Carlo has amazing silky black hair, and so much of it! With two little twin cowlicks at the back. So, so sweet. When I arrived, he was just chilling out on the bed, totally at ease and relaxed. His parents are so attentive and focused on their two little guys, and made sure that Carlo’s big brother, Elio, felt included too. He was so interested in helping feed Carlo his bottle, and giving him a pacifier, stepping fully into his big brother role!

My favorite thing about this session with Nada, Jean and their two sweet boys was just how easy and laid back everyone was. That calm energy flowed right into Carlo and he was so content and happy for the majority of my time spent with them.

Some of my favorite images were captured in Carlo’s nursery –

And I couldn’t leave you without an image of his sweet little cowlicks, prepare yourselves, lol!

Newborn sessions are becoming a huge favorite of mine to capture, and I feel it’s so important to document the real places and moments you have after you have a baby. Places like their nursery, being cuddled up on the bed, and moments like nursing, snuggling, and how their little tiny feet fit into the palm of your hand. I love capturing these moments in YOUR space, where you have made memories and placed all your keepsakes and hopes for your new baby. I love creating images that will prompt you to tell a story when your newborn is grown. Because they grow so quickly, blink and year goes by. So if you’d like a newborn session of your own, documented lovingly and with detail, please let me know. I would love to chat about your wishes and dreams, and make your images a reality.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography, Cleveland, Ohio – Hello, Carlo!

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