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Planning a Fresh 48 During a Pandemic: Newborn Photography, Cleveland Ohio – Photographer Lindsay Wilson

We can absolutely still plan a Fresh 48 session during these challenging times. At this time, visitors are still not allowed in maternity wards in the hospitals due to the increased risk of Covid-19. Which is understandable! However, please don’t let that stop you from planning your session. Instead of photographing in the hospital room, I will do the session at your home, when you get discharged. For this particular session, documented below, I arrived at their home right before they did, and I was able to document them bringing their new (and last!) baby home for the first time. It was a beautiful session, full of love and all the little precious details that baby’s bring.

fresh 48 newborn photography Cleveland Ohio

This was such a special session! Jessica, Abigail’s mom, contacted me while still pregnant, and wanted to do this modified Fresh 48. (Modified due to strict Covid regulations at the hospital) This little girl was to be her final pregnancy, and she wanted to capture her 4 older daughters reactions to meeting this little one when she got home from the hospital. At the time we also didn’t know if Abigail was a boy or girl, and that made this session so exciting.

I was waiting for them as the drove up after being discharged from the hospital, and started documenting this special meet and greet immediately.

These girls were just wonderful and so gentle with her, and wanted to show her toys and drawings and books! It’s evident that Abigail is going to grow up surrounded and swimming in love. One of my favorite moments that happened was when all the older girls started bringing down their stuffed animals and “showing” them to Abigail, by placing them on and around her. It was so sweet!

dad with new baby, newborn session cleveland ohio

Another of my favorite moments was when the older girls got a look at Abigail’s little tummy, where her umbilical cord used to be. This led to mom and dad having the girls look at their own belly buttons to compare –

It’s so clear that this little girl has completed this special family, and I am so honored that I was included and got to capture these special moments.

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Planning a Fresh 48 During a Pandemic: Newborn Photography, Cleveland Ohio – Photographer Lindsay Wilson

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