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What is a photography session with Lindsay like?

Hey there! If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve just booked a session with me, or you’re thinking about doing so! Welcome.

I want to take a moment to put your mind at ease about our upcoming (or potential!) session. To get the best photos we want to make sure that we are all happy and comfortable, otherwise we won’t get those genuine smiles and authentic interactions! So if you have kids, or a baby, and you’re worried about the session being rushed or tense because a little one might not be feeling it right that moment – relax. I’m a mom myself, and trust me when I say that no kid is going to want to smile at a stranger they just met that’s shoving a camera in their face. Adults don’t like that either, I know I wouldn’t! So when we arrive, I’ll take a moment to introduce myself and chat with everyone, and we’ll get started when everyone’s feeling ready and relaxed.

My style of photography is really to capture genuine moments of love and connection, and I rarely ask that my subjects get into poses and hold them. I will absolutely make sure that we capture that standard “grandma wants a picture of everyone smiling at the camera” type photo, but please know that’s not what makes me excited. What makes me excited is telling your story as it unfolds in front of me during our time together. There are so many small details that I want to capture, like the way your partner holds your hand on the couch, or the way your kids whisper to each other, the way the baby chews on his little fist. So many things that make your family unique and precious. So many things that come together to tell your story.

I’ve gotten asked occasionally why I don’t offer mini sessions, and the truth is that I can’t commit to the time and photo limit. I become way too invested in the storytelling, in capturing your family artistically, and I can’t imagine only having 15 minutes with you! This is why all of my sessions are usually 1.5-2 hours long. This is an investment in the history of your family, these photos capture you and your loves at a specific moment in time, and I want to tell your story with as many chapters as possible.

Because I’m so focused on telling your story through photos, you might not be surprised to learn that I offer a photo book for my newborn clients. It’s already included in your package, and I take great pride and pleasure in designing them for you. I know that this isn’t a standard offer from a photographer, but I’m not really about just dropping a bunch of digital files on you and waving goodbye. I believe that your photos, my artwork, are best viewed and expressed through a photo book. Not only does it become a precious memento, but as you physically turn the pages and take in your photos, you’ll remember things about the day and time in your life that you previously forgot. You’ll remember how your little girl loved to spin and twirl in that dress. You’ll remember how your partner gently touched your back as you cuddled your baby. You’ll remember, with a laugh, how your son took off his shoes and waded through the puddle he found. It’s all worth it. All worth remembering.

So, basically, a session with me is easy, fun, relaxed. You won’t be pressed for time. Your kids can have a snack. If they need a break, they can run wild around your backyard while we capture some much needed couples photos of you and your partner. The new baby can sleep as long as they want. So can your toddler. Because I will lovingly capture it all. Want to make cookies during our session? Yes please! Want to read to your toddler and play in the playroom? Absolutely. Want to have an outdoor picnic on the riverbank? Let’s do it!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, I will capture your family photos, maternity or newborn photos, and couples photos – we’ll get all the standard takes, but we’ll also get all the stuff that happens in-between. I’m not a turn and burn photographer. I just can’t operate that way. I’m not capable of it. Chances are that you and I will develop a friendship from our photography session, because I believe that genuine, authentic connection is the most important thing.

So if you’ve made it to the end, thank you. I hope that I’ve helped you feel more confident about our upcoming session. I’m always available to answer questions about clothing, locations, whatever it is – we’ll work out all the details.

Thanks for reading everyone. xo

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What is a photography session with Lindsay like?

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